About Jazz 98.5 FM

SEMM Foundation, operating as Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP & WSAX-DB, is Columbus' 24 hour FM Jazz radio station licensed
to serve Columbus, Ohio.

In November 2013, SEMM Foundation applied to the FCC for an LPFM license to create a 24 hour jazz format station to provide educational content and broadcast services to the community, in
the absence of having no jazz radio station in Central Ohio, as
well as to replace the previous time shared, 12 hour FM frequency of which SEMM was involved in creating a pilot jazz program and assiting with the station's operations.

SEMM Foundation was granted a Construction Permit to build the station on October 10, 2014.  Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP is a listener supported community radio station, owned by
SEMM Foundation, a non-profit organization.  We serve and support the educational and music needs of the Columbus area and communities in which our signal will be received. 
We rely on donations and underwriting announcements from our listeners and community to meet our operational costs.

We offer a variety of great jazz music programming 24 hours each day, including the music
of our own Homegrown local musicians that you'll not
find anywhere else with the same regularity.  Our younger listeners have discovered that jazz music is not just the music of their mothers, fathers and grandparents. We invite you to discover the music and discover the new Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP.

Our thanks to you for supporting us when we were providing broadcast services to the other FM station, for re-discovering us, telling others about us and more importantly, for allowing us to come into your home, your vehicle and life.

Our Mission

The mission of SEMM Foundation and Jazz 98.5 FM is to keep the art of jazz music alive through education, promotion and support of our students, community, musicians, venues, listeners and supporters.

More Jazz 98.5 FM Facts

Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP
is committed to supporting community  events, music education, musicians and the music that has been overlooked or under represented by other radio media.  We rely on
the work of volunteers for our operations and administration.  Individuals interested in volunteering, please click here.

Financial donations and gifts of property or broadcast equipment are welcome.  Underwriting opportunities are available to individuals, businesses and other organizations.  For more information regarding donations and underwriting only, please contact us here or click Here.

If you want an event publicized on the radio, send your information by email to us here.  You can also send your information to have posted on our Events Page.

SEMM Foundation has received its authorization from the National Association of Digital Broadcasters to broadcast via the
Internet as WSAX-DB.

The 2016 Jazz 98.5 FM Media Kit

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