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Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP is a Non-Profit,
Community Radio Station

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Why Donate?

Much of the Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP budget is raised directly from the generosity of donors like you.  We are a community radio station that has ushered in the mellow and original sounds of jazz music to the airwaves again in Central Ohio and we share a common bond with our listeners, we love jazz.

As a non-commercial radio station, one of the ways Jazz 98.5 FM funds its programming and general operations is through donations in support of the arts and underwriting support from individuals, local businesses, foundations and corporations.

Jazz and community related news, information and educational content are important to keeping the community vibrant, diversified and informed.  In the best of times and even in the worse, we reach out to individuals, corporations, foundations and others to ensure that we have an operating and support budget that will sustain our broadcast ability and enhance the lives of the citizens of our city.  Help us do so by underwriting, donating or making a contribution to our station.  Here is how you can help and be involved.

Individual and Optional Ways to Donate

Of course, you aren't bound by the suggested contribution levels listed below.  You're welcome to contribute any amount
you're comfortable with.  We appreciate all donations, no matter what the amount.

Corporate Donations

For information on Corporate Levels of Giving and sponsorship packages please contact us Here.

By definition, program Underwriting is a financial contribution made in support of specific programming. When providing
on-air funding acknowledgments, FCC regulations require that stations like Jazz 98.5 FM limit such announcements to identification purposes only.  They cannot be “promotional,” but they're still very effective.

When treated as either a charitable contribution or as a business expense, underwriting is tax deductible, so you get
more than a good feeling. You make the most cost-effective use of your discretionary advertising dollar.

How To Contribute

You can make a pledge to donate or contribute to the effort to bring Jazz back to Columbus by clicking your desired support level, completing the small form and instructions that follow and sending your support donation payable to:

SEMM Foundation
P.O. Box 13682
Columbus, OH 43213

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