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Straight-Ahead Jazz


Straight-ahead jazz is a term used to refer to a widely accepted style of jazz music playing that can be thought of as roughly encompassing the period between bebop and the 1960s styles of Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock. This style of jazz is considered the lingua franca of jam sessions, and can usually be contrasted with smooth jazz.

As imprecise as the term is as used by jazz musicians, it can be loosely characterized by the following:

  • A walking bass
  • A swing 4/4 time signature in the drums
  • In the piano, syncopated chords in the left hand, and melodic, mostly single-note soloing in the right hand
  • A head followed by a solo by each melody instrument, and sometimes drums and bass, followed by a reprise of the head

- Text from: Wikipedia-Straight Ahead Jazz

Locally, in the Columbus Ohio area, you'll find musicians such as pianist/organist Bobby Floyd and his trio partners of guitarist/bassist Derek DiCenzo and percussionist Reggie Jackson often performing this brew of jazz.  We'll update this list to identify and include others later.

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