About The Jazz Brew Concert Series

The Jazz Brew Concert Series is a fundraising initiative presented by and for the benefit of SEMM Foundation's school music programs and our Columbus Jazz Alliance non-commercial Jazz 98.5 FM radio station operations.

Our Jazz Brew Concert Series was developed as one of our fundraising efforts and more. The series has four goals;

  1. Pay forward and give back to the community through our student vocal and Instrumental music scholarship program, provide musician performance opportunities, increase venue choices where live jazz performances can be enjoyed, and provide affordable or free entertainment for seniors, when possible;

  2. Bridge the demographic gap between patrons that attend based on the type of jazz they enjoy, exposing them to other jazz styles;

  3. Bridge the gap in the education, understanding and appreciation of the various jazz sub-genres;

  4. As a non-profit, help raise money for our foundation’s operations, student music education programs and new 24 hour jazz station operations.

Opportunities to become a concert sponsor for any of our concerts or for the series are available. Parties interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us HERE for more information.

Tune to Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX for details and great jazz 24 hours each day. Visit the Jazz 98.5 FM website to listen to our live broadcast combining several great jazz sub-genres, including smooth jazz, straight ahead jazz, jazz fusion, classic jazz, gospel jazz, blues, jazz flavored classic R&B/Funk and the wonderful music of our Homegrown musicians.

Additional Information

The Jazz Brew Concert Series is a fundraising initiative presented by The Columbus Jazz Alliance, a non-profit organization, in support of keeping jazz alive, providing student/community music education services and for the support, development and operations of our community's non-commercial Jazz 98.5 FM radio station.

Our Jazz Brew Concert Series is a series we believe appeals to all. The series is not just great jazz performances, but educational, and will help bridge the gap in the understanding and appreciation of the art, as well as improve the demographics of those who attend jazz concerts. The series is inclusive, not only in offering different styles of jazz, but in the artists and groups scheduled to perform, and the locations where you can enjoy their performances.

We’re excited and proud to announce the location of our outstanding host concert facility, Whitehall-Yearling High School. Whitehall is our home base where our concerts are held. Young or old, black or white, gray hair or dyed hair, in suburb or inner city locations, jazz is now available and affordable to be enjoyed by all.

Our Series will help keep the pipeline full of budding and promising young, future jazz musicians as it includes local High School jazz band performances. Keep Jazz Alive!

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The Columbus Jazz Alliance and Jazz 98.5 FM have chosen to become a leader in bridging the gap between Classic Jazz and Contemporary Jazz styles and listener/audience demographics by helping to develop listener appreciation and understanding of each sub-genre, including the artists that have helped define the different sub-genres. Keeping Jazz Alive will require us all to be inclusive, tear down the stereotypical walls of jazz confusion, and open our ears and minds to discovering other jazz textures, flavors and locations around the city.

We invite you to join us and watch with your ears. Let’s all work together to Keep Jazz Alive!

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